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Empowered Women in Tech: Finding Balance

In this technologically-advanced world we live in, everything seems to move faster than ever before. We get one task finished (if we're even able to do just one thing at a time) only to find there are five more lined up for us to start working on. In spite of all the incredible technological advances made in recent years, our lives are more hectic than they ever have been. We spend less time with family, less time socializing, and less time unwinding than at any other time in history.

We all say we want a better work-life balance. We've all read articles with well-meaning advice on how to find it and maintain it. Companies claim to offer the ideal environment in which to find the perfect work-life balance, but it’s such a challenge to get off the hamster wheel that few of us succeed in genuinely feeling balanced.

This book will help you find what feels like the right balance for you.

Empowered Women in Tech: Finding First Year Success

Focused on helping women who are starting their first career in tech, as well as those who are transitioning into technology as a second career, this book combines practical and actionable advice with personal insights from 60 successful tech women.

Empowered Women in Tech: Finding First Year Success covers a variety of issues a woman might face in her first year, including: When, how and where to find mentorship. Non-technical skills needed to truly succeed. How to seek out and handle constructive or critical feedback. Ways to stay focused and consistent in the face of adversity. How to build a supportive network of other women. Techniques for facing challenges and overcoming them creatively.

This book is dedicated to every woman who has ever felt like an impostor as she embarks on her career in tech.


5 Ways to Find Balance as a Woman in Tech

You may not realize it, but you're already Wonder Woman.

You work 40+ hours a week.

You make time for family, and you sometimes have a social life.

You might be raising kids, have pets or even be a crazy plant lady.

You're usually wearing so many hats, you sometimes forget to take one off before putting another one on.

Often, as a woman in tech, the lines between our work life and our home life get blurry. We accept this blurriness as part of the package deal; we get paid well, we work hard, and we always rise to the occasion - no matter what it takes.