I make pretty boxes, mostly

I don't just serve others by helping them be and do better. I passionately focus my creative energy on helping my company make more money and be more successful.

What you should know about me:

I'm insatiable when it comes to learning new things, especially when it come to understanding customers.

  • What makes them click?

  • What makes them stick around?

  • What makes them buy?

I seek to better understand - and therefore influence - user behavior. I feel it is crucial to creating better design and, ultimately, a better user experience.


I’m considered an Expert Generalist. I'm no Elon Musk but, like him, I'm constantly working toward reaching the next iteration of achievement.

"Creativity often requires drawing analogies between one body of knowledge and another."

I excel at applying information in new ways to previously-unsolved problems, often to great success. I retain high-level awareness of long-term project goals even when examining granular product details. 

My verbal and written communication skills are top notch (and my non-verbal communication skills aren't too shabby, either). I welcome critical feedback and implement changes requested without personal affront or compromising my intuition and initiative. I will articulately defend an idea I think is the 'right' direction, but I want to hear different perspectives and I'm willing to find a compromise. I can convincingly simulate a sense of humor. 

You'll envy my exceptional organization skills. I’m driven to be successful, and success requires planning and preparation. I’m just as comfortable leading a team as I am at self-directing to complete a project on time and within budget. I can juggle multiple concurrent projects with effective time management.


Complí - September 2018 to Present

Complí is a small, privately-held company driven by a passion for making a positive impact in the work lives of our customers. I get to work with a high-performing, collaborative Agile team that fosters new ideas and innovation within which I can produce clean, modern, and responsive user experience designs.

I make smart, seamless, fluid, and visually stunning user interfaces for our flagship compliance and workforce process management product, Compligo, by taking UX architectures and crafting a visual experience users will find simultaneously easy to use and a delight to interact with.

In my role as the UX Designer, I:

  • Develop user interfaces for large-scale applications using design patterns that translate abstract concepts into intuitive and elegant experiences.

  • Collaborate closely with Director of Product and other stakeholders to understand customer problems and use cases.

  • Produce wireframes, mockups, and interactive prototypes that effectively and efficiently communicate design solutions.

  • Conduct user research, interviews, and surveys as needed to validate and iterate my designs to produce exceptional user experiences for our customers.

  • Advocate for user needs while balancing development time constraints and web content accessibility guidelines.

  • Create conceptual look and feel options, building user interface design systems at an atomic level, and documenting everything in a detailed style guide for development.

  • Demonstrate creative approach to problem solving, innovation and issue resolution.

  • Continue to develop better understanding of what types of experiences are made possible by current digital and new emerging technologies.

  • Successfully launched projects which demonstrated strategic, conceptual and creative thinking.

Additionally, I am:

  • Receptive to feedback to help elevate the design and reach client goals.

  • Able to collaborate actively as part of a multi-disciplinary team, and I get excited about the opportunity to work with other team members in order to envision concepts and ways to transform our ideas into reality.

  • Capable of handling multiple concurrent projects with various project leads and I have a flexible, positive attitude.

  • Comfortable building out complex modular design systems at a production level (and I am just as comfortable applying critical design thinking skills to creatively resolve issues.)


Unigo Group / Unigo.com - July 2014 to September 2017

At Unigo, I worked closely with a small, hard-working team of devs that helped define the company’s product vision. On the Front End my job was to update, redesign and refresh the UI mobile-first to be a seamless and efficient user experience, focusing on highest trafficked pages, while adhering to brand guidelines and standards.


Front End Developer 

  • Helped design and implement key functionality for cloud-based B2B, B2E and B2C SaaS product.

  • Worked in a fast-paced environment that truly adhered to agile methodology with a quick feedback cycle.

  • Have built custom integrations with third-party services/APIs.

  • Equal experience working in both strict TDD environments as well as environments where testing was done for critical elements only.

  • Code reviews are an essential part of creating an environment conducive to both active development and continuous learning.

  • Worked extensively in the Visual Studio enterprise development framework.

  • Passionate about continuous integration and progressive refactoring – I love inheriting beautiful code and want to pay it forward.

  • Practice Agile methodology as well as use team organizational software (scrum, standups, JIRA, Confluence).

I'm looking for an opportunity to grow a product from front end development through the user interface.

UX/UI Designer / Product Designer 

  • Focus on developing a tailored user experience while maintaining scalable infrastructure.

  • Move from design to prototype as quickly as possible, refining and implementing design feedback.

  • Create and execute user interviews and usability tests, turning data into detailed wireframes and mock-ups to communicate design possibilities.

  • Creative problem solving for strategic design issues.

  • Advocate for clear and effective front-end design standards to engineers, management and other designers.

  • Worked with UI design patterns and standard UCD methodologies.

  • Increased website performance with mobile enhancements and better image rendering, contributing to 20% performance increase.

  • A/B testing makes changes iterative and progressively awesome.

  • Responsive web design is the only web design.

Perfection is ideal, but shipping a working MVP is the best compromise.

Marketing / Product Development

  • Creative copywriting based on psychographic marketing data with a focus on content strategy.

  • Optimized CTA copy through A/B testing to increase user registration and conversion rates for various activities.

  • Measurably improved site-wide CVR for all major revenue-generating activities. Increases ranged from 13.5% to 85% month-over-month and ranged from 13% to 871% year-over-year.

  • Strategically drove traffic to sponsored pages, increasing user's time spent on site and the number of pages viewed per session.

  • Captured more detailed user data for data sales while increasing form completion rate.

  • Communication of products and features through multiple channels with a focus on brand awareness and a strong attention to detail.

  • Created a more personalized experience for major user groups, focusing on developing personalized messaging and strategic activity suggestion.

Engage more users and encourage them to do the things that generate direct and indirect revenue.




Rockstar-Level Experience

Interaction Design, User Experience Research, Git, CSS/SASS, HTML, Digital Marketing, Generally Having the Awesome Turned to 11.


Professional Experience

Ruby/Rails, jQuery, Javascript, C#.NET MVC, ASP.NET, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Marvel, Sketch


Some Experience

NodeJS, MongoDB, Bootstrap, Foundation, Angular, Go, Docker, Knockout, Ember, MySQL, Postgres, PHP, Video editing, ERB, Handlebars, Coffeescript, Vue


What did I do before this?

I'm so glad you asked. Before transitioning into the tech industry, I was a flight attendant at Delta Airlines for six years (March 2008 - February 2014). Before that, I was an illegal nanny in Canada (July 2005 to March 2008). (Yes, I have plenty of stories!) I didn't feel like my work as a flight attendant was bringing value to the world, so I made a huge career change. 

First, I tried out Codecadamy to see if I had an aptitude for programming. I did, so I signed up for a coding bootcamp, and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I thrive on chaos, so the 'drink from a fire hose' experience of learning Ruby on Rails and Javascript was exciting.

Immediately after bootcamp, I landed an internship that turned into an amazing job. There I learned from one of the best mentors in the known universe about UX and UI Design as well as getting well versed in the .NET world. It was the best decision I ever made to learn to code, and I've never been happier. I truly do what I love.



What will I do next?

I will keep helping people do what they love. 

That might be as a developer with your company, creating products and software that make our customers lives easier, more productive and more successful. My passion, as I've mentioned, is helping people do and be better.

I will continue to lead workshops and round table discussions, helping people find meaningful work. I'll continue to talk about being a woman in tech and help other women in tech feel supported and be successful. I will continue to write about ways people can improve themselves, the work they do and be more successful. I'll continue to offer (sometimes unsolicited) feedback on how people can find find vitality in all areas of their life.



What am I doing now?

Update: January 2019 // Compli was acquired in December 2018 by KPA, our biggest competitor. KPA’s restructuring guidelines are fair: “last in, first out.”

Update: October 2017 // Unigo was sold in June 2017 to EducationDynamics in Hoboken, NJ. The Portland, OR office was closed in September of 2017.

Since the heartbreak of my office closing subsided, I've been working with women in tech as a career coach, building easy ecommerce and blog websites (like thisthis and this). I have also been speaking at conferences and writing a book to help women in tech feel more successful. So, you know, keeping busy.

I'm looking for my next role in front end development and UX design!