8 Ways to Replace Negativity with Positivity and Change Your Life

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Have you ever found yourself in an emotional place where if feels like you can't help but focus on the negative? It’s a really crappy feeling, isn’t it?

From this space, it feels like you're viewing everything through dark, dreary filters rather than rose-colored glasses.

It's at exactly this time you could benefit from a massive shift in your perspective. 

You know that you'll feel so much better when you take steps to be more positive. Plus, you'll get more positive results from anything you choose to do. 

You might not be in that emotional space today, but please read through these short tips to shift your focus from positive to negative. Reading them now will make it so much easier to put them into action when you need their help the most.

Try these strategies to switch from a negative focus to a more positive one: 

1. Accept that you'll encounter negative thoughts.

Don’t get upset with yourself because you experience less-than-positive thoughts and feelings. Consider those thoughts as being a part of your life that you can easily deal with. When you notice that you’re thinking negatively about a person or situation, try to consider what the most positive outcome could be. 

2. Take responsibility for your own thinking.

Accept that your thoughts are coming from within you. The good news is that you can control your own thoughts and therefore change them.

3. Keep the negativity to yourself.

Now that you've given yourself permission to confront negative thoughts, promise yourself you'll refrain from verbally sharing the negativity with those around you. If you decide to talk to someone about a challenging situation, wait until you have a better handle on controlling your feelings before ‘word vomiting’ the negativity on them!

4. Flip your mood.

When you find that you’re dwelling on something unpleasant, choose to think of something that brings you joy. Maybe that’s kitten videos or your adorable niece - watch a few minutes and you’ll get a guaranteed smile.

There’s a ridiculous phrase I know you’ve heard that goes “turn that frown upside down” (it’s kind of annoying when someone says that to you, right?).  But you can actually turn your mood from dark to bright. Think of it as flipping your cognitive switch, like a light switch. You have the "power" to flip your mood. 

5. Record the positive connection to a negative situation.

Keep a pencil and paper or your electronic device close by at all times (as if your phone isn’t in your hand already). When you experience a negative thought about a person or situation, jot down something positive about it.

For example, let's say you're excited to eat breakfast at your favorite restaurant this weekend. But you end up with the slowest waitress in the place. You find yourself feeling annoyed and think, "Why are they so slow? This waitress is ruining my breakfast." You recognize your negative thoughts about the waitress.

Choose to change your mindset and focus on the positive aspects of your breakfast experience. Write something like, "When my food arrived¸ the pancakes were hot, fluffy, and perfectly golden. The coffee was great. I really enjoyed the quality time I got to spend with my loved ones!” When you write down the positives, you can read them later as an exercise to boost your mood in a constructive way. 

6. Adopt a new mantra.

Choose one that's easy to remember, such as “It is so easy to be positive” or “I can find the positive aspect of any situation.” In tough times, try to recite your mantra over and over again as you focus on your breath. You'll soon be ready to move on with your day in a more positive light!

7. Look ahead to the near future.

Here’s an example: Maybe you don’t absolutely love your job, and find that you are full of negative thoughts each morning as you prepare to head in for the day. If so, allow yourself to look just a few hours into the future. Think about a productive day at work followed by a dinner with an old friend. When you can imagine and focus on the good things that are yet to come, a positive light will shine through and eliminate the darkness brought on by negative thinking. 

8. Praise your own efforts.

Relish how amazing and positive you are. Once you've experienced your power over your mood, acknowledge the work you have done. You can even reward yourself for finding the motivation to maintain your positivity. Start working now to successfully deflate your negative thinking. Change your focus to a more positive perspective.

With experience, you'll see that life is so much sweeter when you identify the positives and learn to side-step the negatives.

Which of these is the easiest way for you to start being more positive today? Share yours below!

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