Empowered women empower other women to feel successful.
— Maigen Thomas

You have powerful potential.

You deserve to unleash the greatness you have to offer the world as a woman in tech.

I know that you can be and do better, you just need to get the guidance, accountability, and inspiration you need to keep moving toward your success. Find out more about Empowered Women in Tech here, and join us as we keep our momentum, crush our goals and make positive a global impact!


Love Notes and Testimonials


Empowered Women in Tech - One on One Coaching

I used to look at my hands as the symbol for my hard work. All my efforts had not helped find personal or professional fulfillment. Maigen is an angel that came into my life at the most critical part. I was emotionally and physically torn down; life’s disappointment had broken my joyful spirit into submission that “hard work” is all it would take to live my best life. 

Maigen coached me with kindest, gentlest wisdom and instead of focusing on what made me miserable, she helped me focus on what would empower me, grow me and heal me. 

Few people can appreciate how important the whole person is to any process and Maigen saw all of me, wasn’t afraid of my worst self-doubts. She gracefully and lovingly showed me a better way to a better me. I have grown more in the last year with Maigen than I did the previous five years on my own. I can say I am a more empowered professional now, I have a job I never thought possible at one of the top health tech companies in the United States and the best part is, it’s not my identity anymore. I finally understood that I didn’t need to lean into my job title or strengths for my self-esteem. Those things will change, but I am always valuable, worthy of love and respect.

Now, when I look at my hands, I don’t count the sweat, blood, and tears of my life before Maigen. Instead, I count my blessings because my journey made me a better person… all I needed was a guide.  Thank you Maigen!

- Cristabel Nichols


Do What You Love Workshop // Business Coaching

Do What You Love Workshop:

"This experience opened my eyes in so many ways. The tips, conversation, and tools that Maigen provided helped me to get clear about what I really want and how to actually move forward into my future with confidence. My cohort was extremely supportive and I learned so much about myself and others along the way."

One on One Coaching:

"Every time I sit down with Maigen, I walk away with an immense boost of clarity, confidence, and positivity as well as actionable steps to propel me forward in my goals. Maigen helps hold me accountable and make the progress I want to make in toward my future...and thrive while doing so! Her compassionate listening and feedback is next to none."

- Sarina S.


Green in Bloom

I’m so grateful for Maigen Thomas. Her extensive knowledge and enthusiasm are both inspiring. Through our work on my branding and marketing efforts, she helped me discover things I really needed that I didn’t even know about. I got a ton of compliments on my updated website after I implemented her suggested changes. I was delighted with how often I heard the difference from my clients about their experience on my site; they loved it too!

Maigen’s ideas for how to tackle the challenges of growing my business are creative and her guidance is invaluable. She doesn’t just advise me, she excels at creating different avenues for me to achieve the results I need. She listens to my concerns and her suggestions around them always work, often after just one day!

Her professional but approachable nature is my favorite thing about her. It really puts me at ease and lessens my stress. She knows her stuff and I recommend her to everyone that wants to enjoy making true progress in their business.

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— Jennifer michels

Fitlandia Fitness

Maigen was my saving grace and she couldn’t have entered my world at a better time. I’ve been struggling with gaining traction with my company, Fitlandia, which is in the crowded fitness industry.Recently, I’d found some really good seeds starting with my online nutrition programs, but there was still so much lacking. I didn’t have a good free offer, no low “tripwire” program, nor a solid flow from one program to the other; no connection.

Together Maigen and I reviewed the offerings, brainstormed ideas to improve them and actually created the names, pricing, value components and key messaging posts to hit on. The clarity I have now is unbelievable.

So why do you need to work with Maigen on your business? Well, I had started the meeting saying I was likely going to shed a tear or two because I was feeling so overwhelmed and frustrated. Straight away she said, “No you won’t. We’re going to have fun.” She was spot on. Not only is she incredibly savvy and creative, but her delivery is positive, clear, and to the point. I loved her no BS approach and really feel like our work together is creating magic.

Do not hesitate to work with this woman. She’s just brilliant and the spark I needed to relight the fire in me and my business.

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— Christa King


Lavish Creations by Tiffany

I have really enjoyed working with Maigen Thomas! My business has grown tremendously well since we started working together, especially on website optimization and conversion rates. Because of Maigen’s advice, I’ve improved my website click-through-rate and conversion rate significantly in just a month.

Overall, my business has changed drastically! It is better structured and more ‘put together’ than it ever was before we started working together to improve it. Maigen is so personable and easy to talk to. I feel like I’m working with the advice of a trusted friend, not just a consultant. It feels like it’s important to her that I’m successful.

It has been a joy to work with Maigen. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to improve their wedding business with clear, helpful feedback and guidance. To sum it up using just one word, I’d say this is the “beneficial” thing I’ve done to develop my business and we’re not done with our journey together!

Thank you, Maigen! You’ve changed my life!

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— Tiffany Richardson


Business Strategy Coaching 

Maigen has been a huge help.

The coaching started off with a focus on business start-up steps and planning but evolved into something different. Instead of pushing forward with the business guidance, she made me realize that I need to resolve personal issues and dig deeper to regain my focus. You need to know where you are before you can plan out how get to your destination.

Most business guidance and planning can be found in workshops, books, or online but entrepreneurs have fears and tough days like everyone else. She reminded me that it is ok to have fears and hesitation but to know that they can't be just ignored. That was a huge help.

Face those fears and embrace what may result from taking action...good or bad. She also made me realize that the bad can still be good (live and learn) and to follow your heart but still listen to your head!

- George C.